URGENT, please sign this petition I have had accepted for Downing Street site.


Please sign this and forward to friends. Its to press for pressure to be put on the Chinese govt to improve the appalling treatment of animals in China. You have to be a UK citizen or resident to sign. Its in a short time span, please help!

Many thanks



  1. A Plea to stop Animal cruelty.

    I was appalled and saddened to see the dreadful treatment that cats & dogs are subjected to in China. (Namely Killing for Food & Fur).

    This is against all comprehension. These animals are for our domestic (home) companionship.
    Animals like these should not be burdened with our ‘human’ greed and senseless entertainment. We have a Moral and Religious duty as guardians of this world to treat ALL our Animals with the Love and Respect that they deserve.

    I direct my concerns at the Chinese government, to urge them to act on this cruelty and stop this needless suffering.

    Their numbers should be controlled by (spaying or sterilization) by political instruction. Where they can be looked after properly in loving households. Ending the problem of unnecessary overpopulation of untamed animals.

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