My sunflowers are enormous!

I am not sure why……but they are much bigger than everyone elses and I didn’t feed them. I put it down to chicken poo…….I tried to take some photos today but the sun was in the way, in the end I got this one…its slightly on the turn, but if I tell you I am standing underneath it it will give you some idea. I like sunflowers, they are such cheerful plants, and very  useful. When I put the seeds in I put them in the same time as some dwarf ones and forgot they needed to grow so tall. As a result they were late out but the bees have been busily working them, they are great pollen plants. Last time I tried feeding some of the seed  heads to my chickens. John Seymour said you could just chuck them the head and they would pick at it, his were obviously more intelligent than mine. They hadnt a clue,they looked at them as if they had come from outer space. They do enjoy some fruit from the trees though and like raspberries when they can get their hands (or feet?) on them..

smiling down
smiling down


  1. The day I took the photo was unusual because the sun was out. So in order to take the pic the sun is literally behind the sunflower in the sky. So how does that tie in with them moving their heads around?
    I see my neighbour still has some of his frilly double sunflowers in his garden. He has an immaculate garden, mine is more like a farm! I will try and take a photo and post it up. I am not sure how they seed though…I havent looked at them in any depth to see the seed heads.

  2. Well I have taken a careful look at my sunflowers today morning and pm and their heads havent moved! I am quite disappointed at this lack of conformity to the stereotype. I am not sure why, the sun, such as it is, came out and weakly glimmered in the sky today. I will ask my friend who is trained in horticulture why my sunflowers are so non conformist.
    I have taken a pic of my neighbours pretty sunflowers and will post them up on my blog. I dont know how I post them up on yours!

  3. Thanks for the up date I have never seen this kind of sunflower. Very pretty. I don’t know why your’s don’t follow the sun, maybe they only do it when they are just starting to mature and before they become to heavy. I will be watching to find out if you uncover the reason.

  4. Hallo, its nearly midnight here! But I couldnt go to bed without emailing my friend to ask!It could well be because they are so heavy or perhaps they have to have a certain intensity of light. British sun hardly qualifies as light at all! Its a sort of silvery disc that occasionally appears in the sky, although everyone has been very excited because the sun has been out two days in succession!
    I seem to be the only person in the world who didnt know about the heads moving, even my 7 year old grandaughter did! Someone at work asked why I hadnt learnt that as a child when I planted them? This provided the answer for this lack of knowledge, my parents would have frowned upon such frivolity as little girls planting seeds! Didn’t I have something better to do with my time? Like read a good book or the Bible?They would be turning in their grave if the could see me being so silly as to look at the heads of sunflowers!
    Fun, isnt it? I guess I shall have to be a disappointment to them up in heaven, I can hear the tut tutting from here! Shocking!

  5. I have however found another use for the seeds, my daughter wants them for their hamster! The uses this plant can be put to knows no bounds!

  6. Only goes to show we never stop learning even from our grandchildren. I guess we all enjoy our self in different ways I’m glad I enjoy making pretty things grow. thanks for the info.

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