Due to popular demand I am putting up the recipe for this. I didn’t make any this year due to the wedding but definately will next year. Leave for as long as possible before drinking (within reason!)…..it improves with age.

400 g ( 14 ozs) blackberries

200 g (7 ozs) sugar

426ml ( 15fluid ozs) whisky

15 ml ( 1 tbs ) glycerol

5ml ( 1 tsp) citric acid .

Put alternate layers of blackberries and sugar in a wide necked jar and add the glycerol, citric acid and whisky. Cover the jar and leave for two days. Gently shake twice daily for the next three weeks before straining through a fine muslin cloth, gently squeezing the fruit to extract as much juice as possible. Return to the jar and allow to clear. Decant into clean dry sterilised bottle/s and keep for 6 months before drinking.

From The art of making wine and liqueurs by Betty Sampson