Pear Liqueur

As promised.

pear liqueur
pear liqueur

The strawberry liqueur I made a few days back is coming along fine ( right), so as I had a glut of pears I have made some pear as well. Its interesting that both the kilner jars hold approximately the same amount of liquid, it doesn’t look as though they do, does it? This is another recipe from Jean Dixons book.

2 cm piece of peeled ginger root.

500 g sugar

500 ml dry white wine

500 ml gin

500 g fresh table pears

5 whole cloves

Halve, seed and slice the pears

Place the pears, cloves, ginger and sugar in a heavy bottomed pot. Add the wine. Heat over a low heat and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Bring to the boil.Remove the syrup from the stove and leave to cool.

Add the gin to the cold syrup. Pour the mixture into a clean glass or earthenware container, close tightly and leave to stand for a week in a warm spot . Shake every morning and evening.

Strain the mixture through two layers of cheesecloth, repeating if necessary.

Pour the liqueur into a dry sterilised bottle. Store for a month before use.


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