This years honey crop

I havent done too badly this year. I only have three hives……and I lost a queen somewhere in May……so I had to breed another one, holding one of the hives up. Still I have managed to get more honey than in previous years, my beekeeping expertise has been sadly lacking. I need to get some moreĀ supers before the July rush next year, I only just had enough. The hives now have their varroa strips in place. I intend to move this winter and moving the bees fills me with dread so I guess I will have to overwinter them in the local apiary. Of all the things I have a real problem with in beekeeping its the lifting. I wish someone could come up with an invention to reduce the heavy lifting involved, I can very barely lift a full super and and I get older that is going to be an increasing problem. In my travels I have discovered this site which sells draw hives

They are quite pricey, and it may help a bit but still doesnt get over the perennial problem of moving hives, something I have come to dread. He sells the plans, I really wish I had good carpentry skills. Having to pay someone is never economical.

some of this years honey crop
some of this years honey crop


  1. Congratulations on a great honey crop! Your comb honey looks great.

    You are right about lifting, it is the bugbear of all beekeepers. Honey supers get heavy with bees and honey, and we have to lift them…and bust our backs. Some people use hive lifts, or electric winches. I just use smaller hive boxes. They are about half the width of a regular box. They are square too, so the boxes are easier to handle. I got tired of lifting 80 pounds of bees and honey in a deep super. No more!

  2. Thanks for your comments. I have never heard about these, are they US based? I live in the UK and use a National…..I could try a winch I guess I havent looked into that. My carpentry skills are not existant! If you have details you could send us the link?

  3. The Warre Hive actually began in France…although the main Anglophone hub is based in the UK. Most UK Warre Hives are currently centralized in Somerset, I believe. There is a UK supplier just starting up, I have details on my site. If you click on my name, you can go right to my sight where I have dozens of links. Also, here is a direct link:

    Best Wishes!

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