Cider traumas

I have has an aweful weekend, my ex decided to vist and is his want decided to tidy up…the result? Within two minutes he had broken the fruit press someone had lent me. Now its bad enough to break something, its even worse when you break something that isn’t yours but its even WORSE when its not even you who did the breaking. The result is that I have had to spend half the weekend sorting it out….. the matter is now resolved, in  my favour! Say no more! To date I have made two gallons, I am going to make some more over the next few days..I hope I like it after all this! My temporary glitch meant I had to top up one of the gallons with commercial apple juice, it will be interesting to see if there’s any difference. Unfortunately I don’t have enough pears to make any perry, so I pickled some instead. I will pop up the recipe for that over the next few days,SO much nicer than some ‘orrible bought pickled pears I got from the shops, revolting! Pickled pears go nicely with ham, cheese or duck I have discovered…


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