Confetti and Pot Pourrie

Determined not to pay £20 a pint for dried rose petals I made my own confetti, by naturally drying blue hydrangeas, rose petals and geranium from the garden. My daughter made the confetti cones from handmade paper from hobbycraft. Total cost for confetti £2 99. I used Penny Blacks ‘The Book of Pot Pourri’ as a base for the recipe for the pot pourri, drying as many flowers as I could, mainly rose petals, clematis, lavender, adding orris root, essential oils (rose and lavender with a couple of drops of patchouli as a base),  cinnamon, and cloves. Once the flowers were dried I put the whole mixture together in an airtight bucket I normally use for wine making. I then left it in the conservatory for the standard 6 weeks. The baskets are looking a bit sad because they have been moved around since the wedding in the car, but I was generally pleased with them. I intend to use some of the pot pourri in the house and the rest for sachets for drawers and perfumed coathangers. My daughter used my veil, cut down so I have plenty of net left over and will use that.


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